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I try to prepare workflow on the KNIME Server, which creates a side and allows customers type their username and password to connect with database. Do you know how I must do it?

Hi @pkng and welcome to the forum.

One approach to this is to use a Credentials Configuration node inside a component. You use the flow variable generated by this node that that contains the credentials, and pass that to the database connector node you want to use.

This workflow demonstrates how you use the node to pass the credentials flow variables. If you can adjust it to include components, you should be able to get there: Set DB Connector Login via Flow Variable – KNIME Hub

If none of what I just typed makes sense to you, let me know and I can provide a more concrete example. :slight_smile:

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I tried to do something like that:
in component I have:
and it worked on KNIME Analytics Platform when I typed my username and password, but when I tried to execute it on Web Portal it didn’t work - I didn’t have page, when I could enter my username and password and at once I received information that workflow didn’t execute.

@pkng you need to use the

The configuration nodes are for being used to configure the component, but if you want to interact in KNIME Webportal you need to use Widgets.

[1]The Wonderful World of Widgets! A Mini-Guide for using KNIME Widget Nodes | KNIME
[2] KNIME Components Guide


Thank you very much for that information. It works :slight_smile:

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