Remote Download Node Issue


I am trying to use the Remote Download Node to Download a large number of files from an SFTP Server. I create a list of files from a 'ls' command. I then push this list to a Variable-to-Table-Row-Loop that supplies the Filename to the Download Node.

This runs sometimes well, but most of the times, the Download Node fails in the middle of the files with an "Execute failed: verify:false" Error message.

This file in question is on the Server and as the file in question is not the same between runs, I doubt that it has to do sth. with the files on the server, but with the internals of the Node.

Can someone point me in the right direction here?


Thanks in advance,



Dear dp,

Does the knime.log file contain more information (specifically java stack traces or so)? We can't reproduce the problem and would therefore like to get some more details from you.

Thanks for reporting the problem!