Remote Execution/Data Refresh

I am making my first workflow on our new KNIME Server and am having trouble with the data refresh before each remote execution. My test data source is pulled from
Upon manual execution, the data refreshes to the most up-to-date data from the source linked above. However, when scheduling remote execution, the dataset remains static from the last manual execution. I have this set to reset the workflow before each execution and still running into this issue. Is there something I am missing here to keep the data fresh on remote executions? I would appreciate any input!

Dear @koee,

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I assume you are talking about a non-scheduled execution on KNIME Server? Or are you talking about executing the workflow locally?

Have you reset the workflow before uploading it to KNIME Server or has it been uploaded in an executed state? You can easily check that by opening up a temporary copy of that workflow from KNIME Server and verifying the state. One option would be to try to reset it (if it’s not already) before deploying. But even then, the option to reset the workflow should work and this might be a bug.

Also, which version of KNIME Server are you running?

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