Remote File Download node (deprecated)

KNIME AP Version: 4.3

Curious if anyone knows why the Remote File Download node has been deprecated, and what are the alternative(s)?

Thank you!

Hello davekalpak,
with KNIME 4.3 we have introduced the new file handling framework. The replacement for the Download node is the Transfer Files node. However with the new framework you might no longer need to download the node but read it directly from the remote file system with one of the new reader nodes.

For more information about the new file handling framework see the blog post or the documentation.

Notice: Because the new utility nodes still miss some functionality we will bring back the old file handling utility nodes e.g. the Download/Upload from List node with version 4.3.1 which will be released soon.



Thank you for the prompt reply and guidance. I was able to successfully use the Transfer Files node for my needs.


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