Remote Workflow Editor Limitations

I love the performance the Remote Workflow Editor gives me when editing Workflows located on KNIME Server. But I’m running into a lot of frustrating limitations. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong?

Limitation #1: Cannot Add Components

KNIME Remote Workflow Editor 011

My KNIME Server has a lot of pre-packaged components I’d like to add to my workflow via Remote Workflow Editor. But it seems I am not allowed to drag-and-drop these components into my workflow. I can copy-and-paste them if they are already in my workflow. But I cannot add new components. Is there a fix for this?

Limitation #2: Cannot Configure Components

KNIME Remote Workflow Editor 012

If I double-click on a component within Remote Workflow Editor I cannot configure the component. Instead just get this error message (below). How should I be configuring these components remotely?

Limitation #3: Cannot Rename my Remote Nodes

KNIME Remote Workflow Editor 013

I cannot edit the tags on my remote nodes and must be happy with the default. Is this expected?


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Hello @Edlueze,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
We like the fact that you interact with the Remote Workflow Editor (RWE) a lot. However, we are sorry to hear that it does not cover all the functionality you need. Currently, the RWE covers most of the edit functionality that you would expect from editing a workflow locally. Unfortunately, that implies you cannot make use of every editing feature you are familiar with from the local workflow editor. However, non-covered functionality is subject to development.
Please also refer to our KNIME Server User Guide (Remote Workflow Editor).

Best regards,

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