Remove all characters before the last match


I have this text:


I should delete all the characters before “W_”

I’m trying with the Regex split using this expression:

^[^ ]* (.*)$

but the output is:


And it should be:



Hi @bermq

Use the String Manipulation node with:
substr($column1$, indexOf($column1$, "W_" ) + 2 ,99 )

gr. Hans


Many thanks Hans!!! It works perfectly
Thank you so much

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oh @bermq you created an additional topic for that…
Please close the previous topic before creating a new one with the same question… so people do not answer questions twice…

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Dear AnotherFraudUser,

Sorry, since I reformulated my question I believed the topic should be changes too.

But I see your point, and I in the future I won’t open a new topic.

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Hi @bermq,

no problem - you can open a new topic for that :+1: then just comment on the old topic that you moved the issue to a new case :slight_smile:


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