Remove blank cells& duplicates on knime

I have a table like this one:

I want to remove blanks & duplicates &leave only letters on columns like this one

columnA ColumnB ColumnC
a d k
b e
a f l
x h l
r i

I want to get the following result:

columnA ColumnB ColumnC
a d k
b e l
x f
r h
d i

I’ve tried using loop column list loop start & loop end column append using inside of the loop remove duplicate row filters.The problem is that at the end the table is trying to adjust column dimensions& it adds Missing values(?) & I cannot get the expected result.

Hope anyone can help me.


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I used this workflow

and got the result:


Nicely done @elsamuel , although I would probably use a Row Filter instead of the Missing Value (You can filter out empty rows with the Row Filter node).

I believe the Row Filter will be much faster than the Missing Value node - in general, the Missing Value node is quite slow, probably because of the PMML, which is not needed for this operation.


thanks @elsamuel, is there any way you can share your workflow file?

I really appreciate your support.

Hello Bruno29a.

Could you share the solution using Row filter node / how should be set Row filter node parameters?


Here you go:

I followed @bruno29a’s advice and swapped a Row Filter node for the Missing Value node.


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