Remove CR LF before File Reader

Hi there,
I am looking for a way to remove an Line Feed / Carriage Returns from txt-like source files before the “File Reader” node writes the data into separate rows of a table.
My subsequent workflow requires the data to be presented as a single string in one cell.
But once the data resides in rows, removing the CR / LF e.g. with “String Manipulation” or “String Replacer” won’t merge all rows back into a single row.
Any advise would be very much appreciated!

Hi @ThG2020,

you could use the Load text-based files node. The node is contained in Vernalis KNIME Nodes.
This node reads the content of a txt-like file into one cell.

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A link to the node that @Andrew_Steel mentioned:



You may also be able to achieve some of what you need with merging of rows rows using GroupBy.


If you choose a character that is unlikely to appear in the text as the delimiter, the concatenation option on GroupBy will bring the lines into one cell. After that, String Replacer can remove or replace the the delimiter.

Row Merge with GroupBy.knwf (9.2 KB)

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Hi Andrew,
many thanks for suggesting this “load text-based files” node. Wonder, if this works in a loop? (the one you know from a previous post)
Will provide feedback asap,
Best regards

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Hi takbb,
that does the trick! I tried the “GroupBy” node earlier but selected a type based instrad of a manual aggregation. Now it’s just perfect.
Many thanks


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