Remove Duplicate Values from Multiple Files

Hi all, I am working with multiple files, and I need to first remove the duplicate values of each file and next merge them into a CSV file. How should I do? Thanks.

Hi @soon_98 and welcome to the KNIME community

You are not giving details on your problem and the casuistic can be very broad like:

  • i have repeated files in the same folder (mounting path) with different names
  • i have repeated file names in different folders (mounting paths)
  • i have repeated files with different names in different folders

  • then the work approach may be completely different.

For the most simple case same files in a folder, ‘String Manipulation’ node to remove the final brakets of repetition (1), (2)… and then a ‘Group By’ node will do the job for you.

For more details please provide a dummy file list with paths that represents your problem, and we will be able to provide a more accurate help.



Actually there are duplicate values in each fie and I have total of 40000++ files need to work with, it will be time wasting if I need to remove the duplicate value of each data one by one before merging them. Besides, the size of file is too big, it will be trouble if I need to combine all the data first before removing the duplicate values. Is there any other solution?
Thanks and Regards.

Well, this is my view: the point of using KNIME is to bring data to be analysed in KNIME, so basically the workflow would be read all the files in a loop and aggregate the transformed data by collecting all at the end of the loop…

If the problem you are describing doesn’t fit or scale in this type of approach, I would rather code it in R (Py… optional); where you can access or bring the information without opening the files. Then if you still want to run some processing in KNIME, you can do both: import your processed data in a unique file or run the R Script from KNIME.


You can read all the csv files with the “CSV Reader” node and then use “Duplicate Row Filter” node



Hello Soon_98,

Do your files have the same columns ? For all of them ?

If so, you just could :

  • load your CSV files with “CSV Reader” node from folder, it will compile them as one
  • remove duplicate with the “Duplicate Row Filter”
  • write your compiled file with “CSV Writer” node (check ss below)


Best Regards,



Hi, it works well. Thank you so much for your help.


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