Remove duplicates, aggregation column with sorted value

Hi all,

I have two columns in a table, the first is the pick list ID, the second the material column.
I would like to anyhow count how many times was the materials pairs on common picking list?

I could generated the material pairs, I would like to remove duplicates, for example, the underlined rowIDs mean the same:

(I could not sort ascending the aggregated value inside the aggregation column.)

Thanks for your support in advance!


For counting use GroupBy node, group by key columns, and in aggregation tab add count on some other column.
For removing duplicates there is Remove Duplicates node.

I mean this is not a solution, see the attached workflow, if you implement a duplicate row filter this does not have an impact on the results.

Because the value in the first underlined row: m1 m2, in the second: m2 m1.
Anyhow should be created the same value in both of the underlined rows.

Meanwhile I could solve with column aggregator Node.


Hi @rolandnemeth , your idea of using the aggregator node with sorted list is good. It’s the approach I would have used too.

The Aggregation method for this is the “List (Sorted)”:


Now we can just do a count using the GroupBy:

Workflow looks like this:

And here’s the workflow: Remove duplicates, aggregation column with sorted value.knwf (9.5 KB)


Thx @bruno29a, I did exactly the same!

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