remove duplicates

Hey guys,
I’ve been playing around with Knime lately, but I’m still new to the whole DS thing.
Currently, I have a list of zip Codes. Some of them actually exist, some are entirely made up.
I want to display them on a map. I’m using mapquest Geocoder to find the respective coordinates to the zip codes. If a zip code doesn’t exist, it seems to just return the last zip code again. Map Viewer -which I am using to display the results- cannot handle duplicate inputs.
I tried using duplicate row filter, but it seems like I’m not understing the usage correctly.

Does any of you guys have an idea on how to approach the problem?

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend!

Hi Nik,

If there are duplicated rows in a column, you can remove them with duplicate row filter node, So can you upload your workflow here?



Hey Mehrdad, thank you very much for the note!

Well it took some more tries and it actualty works fine now. Thakn you very much :slight_smile:
Enjoy your weekend!


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