remove empty rows

I want to remove rows with empty cell in plant column
would someone please help me with this

Hi @Mai_Nashaat , for this you can just use the Row Filter node.

If they are actually “missing” values, you can exclude “missing” items as shown here:

If they are some other value, then you can exclude using pattern matching. hope that helps

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Hi @takbb & @Mai_Nashaat

I have the impression the empty cells are not “Missing Values” but “0-length” strings ? Is this the case :thinking:?

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@aworker Yes you are right I think. It might be zero-length strings (although I couldn’t put in a zero length string on a table creator without it becoming “missing”), but it could also be one or more spaces or other whitespace characters.

I was trying to decide if the image was of the Table Creator config window, or the output port. And yes, I now see it has “Row ID” as a column heading, which means it is the output port… :wink: in which case it would have shown “?” for missing values.

If the cell contains space characters or “white space” , e.g. space/tab and so on then the following Row Filter could work, using the regex pattern

If you still can’t get it to work, then if possible, can you upload a workflow containing your sample data and somebody will be able to help further.


yes they are not missing values but what is 0-length?
they should be numbers as they are the totals of the quantities inprevious plants

Hi @Mai_Nashaat, as some of them begin with a B, they don’t appear to be purely totals, but that probably doesn’t matter for our purposes here.

A “zero length string” is a string (textual) value containing no characters (not even a space character).

I would give the above regex a try and see if that works for you. If not please upload a sample of your data, or a demo workflow.


@Mai_Nashaat - Another easier option could be “Column Auto Type Cast Node”.

Select the missing value patter as ‘empty’, it will convert all the 0-length based string to missing values then go for a Missing Value node and remove those.

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