Remove Execution Context Image

Hi Knime Team,

How can i remove unused execution context images from our business hub. Each image is about 11GB so clean-up will help save disk space


Hello @ajc ,

You can delete an EC as a Hub administrator, check out the documentation here:

  • Delete: As a Hub administrator you can delete a shared execution context. You will need to first, delete the jobs associated to the execution context then proceed with disabling it. Finally, you can delete the shared execution context.

I hope this helps!

Hey @dora_gcs,

Thanks for the reply. I understand how to delete it from the application, however i am looking for information on how to delete it from the server. I need to remove old unused images from our VM.

Hello @ajc ,

The kubelet on each node starts image garbage collection and deletes unused images if the disk space is above 80% full, and deletes enough to get it to or below 80%.

See reference document about this here:

From the document you can learn how to trigger a garbage collection manually or how to disable it (we don’t recommend to disable it).

The embedded docker registry is another place where an image could be, if you created and uploaded a custom executor image you need to delete it from there manually, though.
In our docs here you can find a helpful script how to do it:

I hope this helps!

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