Remove numbers with decimal points

Hello everyone,

If I have a list of numbers such as 312.47, 311.67, 311.32, and 311.88, is there a way for me to remove all numbers that start with 311? Or would I have to type out all the numbers including their decimal points (e.g. 311.01 to 311.99) that I would want removed?


CJ Walters

Hey CJ Walters,

you can simply use the “Row Filter” node. The node provides an option to filter values which are within a specified range (e.g. 311.01 - 311.99). Otherwise you could also use a regular expression in the Row Filter node. For this you have to check the ‘use pattern matching’ option as well as the regular expression check box and enter 311(.{1}\d*|\Z) (for example) to detect all numbers that are 311 or 311 with any decimal number afterwards.

I hope, this answers your question.



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Hi Julian,

Thank you. I have a list of numbers though. Would I have to do a row filter node for each number? That would take too long. Is there a way to list all the numbers in one node?



no, you don’t have to apply a row filter for each number.

Use the “Round Double” with FLOOR as rounding mode and append the rounded values as a new column (if you want to keep the original column with decimal values). Afterwards, you can use the “Reference Row Filter” node. Connect your data table to the first input port and the list with numbers to filter to the second input port. Select the column with the rounded values as data column and the column with the numbers to filter as reference column. The node will filter every row that contains a number that is within the reference column. Afterwards you can discard the column with the rounded values, if the decimal values are important.




Ok thank you again. I am having some problems converting the data from strings to doubles. I believe I need to do this, so I can use the Round Double node. The codes are not all purely numbers. Some codes are like A01.00 to A01.99. There can be a letter component. How can I covert this to a double. When I use the “String to Number” node, the column of codes that I want changed from string to number(double) is filled with question marks. A message comes up that reads “There are no columns containing double values in the input table”