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I need your help with the below issue I am facing currently, as you can see there are two columns and I want to check “if a given project contains AA-Project Manager, if it contains then remove AAA-Project Manager row” from the given project. When a project either AA-Project Manager or AAA-Project Manger is fine like last two projects but if one project contains both types of Project Manager then need to remove the ‘AAA’ row from that project. Does anyone has any idea how to get this done as this is a little bit urgent. I have attached
Projectsss.xlsx (10.1 KB)
the data file as well.

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Hi @psycho , one method would be this:

Here you select only those rows with roles of AA-Project Manager and AAA-Project Manager, then check for duplicates by project.

In the event of a duplicate, it is configured to retain the one with the minimum “role” which is AA-Project Manager. After that, you assemble filtered rows along with the remaining original rows.

demo-filter rows.knwf (17.7 KB)


You could do a rule based row splitter like that
$role$ LIKE “AA*” => TRUE
Then you do a ranking on role column (ordinal) with grouping based on project
Then you filter the "2"s
Finally you concatenate this "1"s Table with the second split of your row splitter from the beginning


Thank you Daniel, I will try this tomorrow when I log in back, I am going to log off now and thank you again for your help.

Hi Takbb,

I am sorry but I think I have made a mistake during this post, if you can see there are sometimes two “AAA - Project Manager” roles for the same project with one “AAA - Project Manger” . So I need to remove only the AAA one is keep both AA rows. I have added the amended file again.
Projectsss.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Hi @psycho , no problem.

I think this can be handled with a minor change.

Instead of the duplicate row filter removing duplicate rows, it is set to retain them, and then after that a rule based row filter can keep anything marked as unique, and also retain any AA-Project Managers.

(ie. it deletes any AAA-Project Manager unless it is unique)

demo-filter rows v2.knwf (21.4 KB)

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Yes that is it, thank you very much and really appreciate. It is working perfectly thank you again for your help @takbb

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