Remove quotation marks beginning and ending of a string

Hi together,

I’m desperately trying to get rid of all the quotation marks beginning and/or ending of the terms (see screenshot below).

I have already tried using the String Manipulator node by entering the below function but for some reason this didn’t change anything in my output.

Help is highly appreciated!


You can use substr($Term as String$, 1) and substr($Term as String$, 0, length($Term as String$))

Unfortunately, I’m receiving an error report if I type it in like this

What am I doing wrong?

Unfortunately, I’m receiving an error report if I type it in like this

You need to nest those expressions, e.g. substr(substr(…), …).

– Philipp


Guys, apparantly I’m too stupid for this to understand. I’ve tried several times but still receiving error messages.

Would you mind transforming the above function into the expression needed?


Hi @cpauly93,

the problem should be the “word-formatted” (german) double quotes, which are not simply found by typing ".
please try the following expression in the string manipulator…
regexReplace($Term as String$, "[\"“”']", "")

Anyhow, if anybody can help us with transforming the quotation marks to normal ones, I would do this first and then use the replace function. Would be a more straight-forward solution.

Hope this helps, Greetz, Tommy


Hi @cpauly93,

Just to make sure the regex pattern suggested by @tommy does not remove marks which may be inside the text, you could use this expression:

regexReplace($Term as String$, "^[\"“”]|[\"“”]$", "")



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