Remove specific value ('-') with null, ? or missing to convert string to date

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I need to convert a string to date. The issue I’m facing is that KNIME reads the missing values in the specific date column as ‘-’. When I try to convert the string to date I receive an error as KNIME is not able to parse ‘-’ to date.


Would anyone know how I can replace the ‘-’ value with a missing or NULL value so that I can use the string to date&time node?

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Hi @rutgerverhaar

May be this helps :wink:

Just the following rule is needed in the Rule Engine node:

NOT $Date$ LIKE “-” => $Date$




Hello @rutgerverhaar,

how do you read your data into KNIME? Some reader nodes have option to define missing value pattern so you can have missing values immediately when data is read into KNIME.


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