Remove top rows from table after csv reader note executed

HI ,

This is my table result after combining a number of txt files.
Question: how do I remove the top rows from that table? (in this case first 8 rows)

Also i want to add 2 additional columns with 1 value across all rows - the values of the columns are specified below: value against FundID and FileFormat as per below screeshot:

Question: How do i get about doing it?

Question: Do I need to create the knime table step first to be able to do any operation on the table (or can i do any of the operation above after CSV reader step)?

My flow so far:


Table validator fails but I have no idea why?

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Hi @Pawel40Adi,

the first rows appear to be completely blank (am I right?). In this case, you could set the csv reader so that each file is read starting from a certain row on.

An alternative could be filtering out all row ids that have a pattern like “// #” at the beginning. I imagine row “// Variables” to be the header, so you to keep it.

Let me know if this recemmendations make sense.



HI @lelloba ,thanks , the first solution works great as I just tested it.

Regarding the 2nd point "//Variables’ is not a header it , it just contains some top level information about the file however as it is in a row 7 (which in this configuration from CSV reader includes column headers) , I wont be able to remove it.

Out of curiosity , which node to use for filtering?

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Use the “Row Filter” node to specifically search “Colum 0” for desired pattern.

I’d use Row filter node.

You can write something like this to match and exclude all rows with id starting with “// #”.


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