Remove Unknown variable Warning

Is there a way to remove the Unknown variable warnings?
I have a CSV reader and before that a python variable edit, that creates the variable the CSV reader complains about not existing. I loop over this a bunch of times and it really clutters my console output.

It would be awesome if the node only throws this warning if the variable doesn’t exist during the execution, not already two nodes before its execution.

Hi @ChrisHill,

your request makes sense and we will create a ticket to discuss it with our developers.

In the meantime, is there a chance for you to use

(depending on what type of variable to you want to create and use in CSV reader) instead of python variable editing. Those nodes are MUCH faster and information about variables created in those is propagated downstream, so you will not get warnings. See a minimal example here:



Thank you, with the example workflow you provided I was able to replace the python Node with String Manipulation (Variable) in some cases.


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