remove welcome page


Is there a way to remove the welcome page?


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Upgrade to the payed version.


With the latest version (3.5.x), is there still no way to remove this welcome page from the free version?

If it’s stil impossible, is it possible at least to customize it?



Hi @yannic_ariana

Is there a reason you want to remove it? It has the hidden advantage that the last workflow you worked on will not be automatically loaded.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

The first thing I do after launching Knime is always to close this page. After a time, it’s not really usefull anymore. It’s just annoying to do it each time.

By the way, I could be interested to have my latest workflow loaded, sometimes. Still the “Most recently used workflows” is a nice feature.

Would it be possible to add something in this page (like a few sentences)?

In my case, sometimes I need to install Knime for some people with some additional plugins that are not thereby default. I need these people to work with these additional plugins. So putting a few sentences describing briefly what they need to use, that could be usefull.




Hi there,

I’m glad I’ve found this topic. I’d open my own today otherwise.

Well, I’m feeling fed up with the Welcome screen too.

I’ve worked with KNIME since summer 2018 and the number of pieces of news I’ve found interesting or important for me is zero. I’ve never learnt anything from this page. What seems really weird to me is that if I restart KNIME it opens new Wellcome page even though there is already one just opened. So I guess if I started KNIME and restarted it ten times over I would end up with eleven Welcome pages.

Many others IDE like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, JBoss Developer Studio, JDeveloper opens some rort of Welcome screen by default. But none of them insists it would open with no respect to its user’s wishes. There’s always opt-out in settings.

Well, I suspect the reason is complex workflows take considerable time to open so this might be a way to prevent the last time active workflow from loading after KNIME has started. Workflows usually consist of hundreds of directories containing XML definitions of nodes the workflow orchestrates, there are files containing data from the last workflow invocation. Plenty of files to load, lots of work to do.

Well, I’d prefer no Welcome page at all and I’d prefer the workflows that were loaded last time KNIME ran were loaded after KNIME starts againg. I know it would demand some effort to achieve.

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I would love an option to disable this as well, it’s a common ux pattern to have a checkbox to not be reminded.


when I started working with KNIME, I also wanted the Welcome Page gone. But as Iris mentioned, it prevents the last workflow from being automatically loaded, which is for larger workflows quite useful.

That’s not the reason I came to like the Welcome Page though.
First, it keeps reminding me about a new release. I tend to wait a bit with the update (avoid initial problems and choose when to update WFs), so this comes in handy.
Secondly, there’re sometimes “ads” for nodes, and a while ago there was the “Duplicate Row Filter” node featured, right in the exact moment I needed it. I wouldn’t have found the node otherwise, and I really like it. =)

Doesn’t change that the first thing I do is closing the Welcome Page :wink:



I don’t buy the advantage reasoning, in every other application I have option to resume my session or not, show the welcome screen or not.

New releases of Knime don’t happen every day, so it would be acceptable to show it on the days there is an update, although there is already an update notification system that would be suitable for that. If we’re insistent on showing it, even weekly would be preferred.

But I see I’m in the minority here (although I doubt it), I’ll attempt to build from source and comment it out myself


I think you’re not a minority :slight_smile: Probably someone could build an extension for that?

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I also agree to have an option to skip welcome screen.


Not even needed as I just figured. Just add the following to knime.ini:


Hey @qqilihq, I tried adding the line to the knime.ini file (in various locations) and it does not work.

Have you been able to get this to work, and if so what does your .ini file look like?

Yes, it works for me with KNIME 4.2.3. According to the Git log, the change is in KNINE since 4.2.

Make sure to put the line after the --vmargs in the knime.ini. Ideally simply on a new line at the end of the file.


@TardisPilot Did it work? (I received an email notification, but saw that you removed the post later)

Hey @qqilihq,

Yes sorry. The post was asking about what I was doing wrong but I found that that


does need to come directly after -vmargs or it won’t work (at least in 4.3). Thank you for the assist!


Thanks qqilihq, this works !!

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Hi all,

On the Mac this file is located in the KNIME application. To edit: Use the Finder, select the application, Show Package Contents, Contents, Eclipse — and there it is. Edit with your favourite editor, adding the line at the end. Save. Worked with version 4.4.0

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Thank You @qqilihq !!!


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