Removing column from .csv input file - File Reader node does not adjust ?

If I have an input csv file with file reader and I decide to remove one of the columns from the input file, the node does not seem to recognize that the column has been dropped and you cant seem to tell it that its gone - the only thing you can do is rebuild the node from scratch?  Is this correct?  If so can it be changed?



Use the "CSV Reader" for this. The File Reader is good if you have one (possibly weird) ascii file, whereby you have a preview and can change different settings, e.g. whether it contains truncated lines, which columns to exclude/rename, etc.

The CSV Reader has no preview and no file-specific settings. You give it a URL, a delimiter character and whether the file contains row/col header and that's it. It will work with any file unless the file structure changes (variable number of columns is OK, but the col/header property should stay the same).

  - Bernd

... one more comment on the "File Reader": There is a checkbox "Preserve user settings for new location", which will try to apply previous settings to a new location. Not sure how often the underlying file changes in your case.

Require Knime report designer extension