Removing numbers from cell

What command should I use to remove the numbers in this cell here?
“Deposit - Telecom 300.00”

Thank you for any help in advance.

Hello @lywei and welcome to the KNIME forum.

The most straight forward way could be a ‘Rule Engine’ node with the following coding and replacing the $value$ column (if the value is a text as you quoted it):

$value$ LIKE "Deposit - Telecom 300.00” => ""
TRUE => $value$

If it’s a numeric value in $Deposit - Telecom$ column:

$Deposit - Telecom$ = 300 => 0
TRUE => $Deposit - Telecom$


In case you have multiple values that are similar in nature, the hardcoded route from @gonhaddock won’t work and you are better of with something like replacing \b[ 0-9.]+\b with null. Can be done through String Replacer, Column Expression, etc.




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