Removing of Row ID

Hi actually i want to remove the row id column completely from my data set so i can combine the variables into a different data table both the row id are different so does anyone know how to remove the row id? Thank you

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To my knowledge there can not be data table without row id column.Why is having different id problem? What node(s) are you using? You can always use RowID node to “reset” row ids on both tables and then they’ll be same.



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If you are using the Column Appender node to merge 2 (or more) tables, you can use the “Generate new row keys” option in the node’s configuration window instead of the default option to bypass row ID check.



Hey thank you…can i ask you another qn? Actually im planning to do this

From this

Is this possible?

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How are the PM_172 and PM_142 columns calculated?


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