Removing rows which contains "true", across multiple columns

Hi all,

I have used column expressions to filter if certain values occur within different columns which works fine. (for e.g.

However, I now have three output columns (“PartResult”, “JobResult” and “TopResult”, which either contains true or false.

I want to remove the rows which contain true in all of them.

I know I can use the row filter or splitter, however I can only perform this on one column so I would have to use three of those nodes in a row.

I am wondering if there is a way to do this within one node?
I was thinking of using the Column expressions, however I am not sure what syntax to use to achieve this.

Any guidance on this would be helpful, thanks!

This node will allow you to use multiple conditions across multiple columns as a filter test.


Just to add,
If you have boolean values I would go with column aggregator node and then use minimum
If the result is true it only contains true values across all the rows


Then do a row filter
Advantage: It does not matter if you have 3 or 300 columns


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