Removing % sign on a Decimal Column

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I need to remove the % sign in the decimal column. For example I need to see the first cell as 68,18 instead of 68,18%. I tried to make it with string manipulation but it didn’t work probably it is not a string column.


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The column type seems to correctly be interpreted so it’s just the formatting in KNIME. You should be able to adjust that if you right click on the column header


To give a little more detail on @Daniel_Weikert 's comment - here’s a couple of screen shots when you right-click on the column header

The ‘D’ indicates that, indeed, it is not a string but rather a (Double) Number. You’d see “S” there if it were a string.

If you actually need to write “68,18” to something versus the number 0.6818 which can be interpreted in percent or whatever,you could use “Math Formula” to multiply by 100 then write result.

Hope that’s helpful!


That was helpful ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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