Removing Tabulators from all coloumns in a table


I need a little help. I have a table there are integer, date, string coloumns in it. Almost every column has one or more cells with just a tabulator. How can I change those tabulators in the table with empty cell or missing value?

I’ve tried String manipulation(multi column) but it doesnt work on date and integer coloumns.

Hello @domiterd ,

Can you provide a sample data ?

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So like in POSTA and DEJAV… the are tabulators and I need to change them to missing value(?), but when I run the String manipulation(multi column) node it sends back an error when I try to run it on an Integer type column. But I cant select just the String type columns because I need to make this felxible so it runs on differently structred tables aswell.

@domiterd you could try this approach. Per definitions dates and integers cannot have tabs.

Ok I figuered it out I can string manipulate, after changing the column types.

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