Removing values from Tuples

i want remove values from my column age which contains values less than or euqal to zero and greater than 80. how i can do that. i am using this in rule base row filter

$Age$ <= 0 =>TRUE
$Age$ > 120 => TRUE

and then excluding the TRUE VALUES , but its not working

BUT Its not woekin

Hi @Mian welcome to KNIME Forum

I’am guessing. If Age is of string format, this won’t work. And if I guess wrong, what does your data look like? Can you upload a sample workflow to see where exactly it goes wrong?

gr. Hans


Hello @Mian ,

To achieve the desired filtering using the Rule-based Row Filter node, you can use the following expression

$age$ <= 0 OR $age$ >= 80 => FALSE

Please refer to the attached image for additional guidance.


Screenshot 2024-01-30 102723

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