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Is there a way to rename AutoQSAR models that come out of the AutoQSAR Build Model node, before saving them with the QSAR Model Writer? I am building a workflow where multiple models are build so it would be useful to be able to name the resulting models after the target being modeled. I have tried to achieve this with a workflow variable but to no avail.

Ideally there would be an option in the AutoQSAR Build Model node for renaming a model.


Hi Evert,

Thanks very much for your message.
Just wanted to send you a quick follow-up email through this Forum post as well.
Unfortunately renaming the models is not possible currently on the node itself, however I shared a small workflow example to show the options of being able to rename the generated AutoQSAR models with a specified name which can be used as a workaround for now.

We also have an enhancement request to have this made available on the node itself directly in the future.

Thanks again for raising this issue and please just let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Many thanks,


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