rename columns using column rename regex Node/ Normal column rename

Dear all,

I have string columns I want to rename them with another name using column rename regex Node

Means each word replaced with a specific word

columns | renamed to
Journal replace by Publication Title
Page replace by Pagination
Year replace by Publication Date
DOI replace by Digital Object Identifier
Roche-Link replace by Roche Link

my regex=\b(Journal|Year|Page|DOI|Roche-Link)\b
my regexp Detect all the specific words but I didn’t find a solution using $ to replace each word with the specific word


Hi Mokrani,
for this you can just use the normal Column Rename node.
Do I miss something?
Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris,
Thank you for your suggestion. I tried with normal Column Rename node its work.
But preferred with regex Node because when I use normal Column Rename node sometime its display for me WARN Column not found…
PS: my column table can change so that why I want to use regex for a specific column when its appear in the table
also when I use Regexp Node I got this error WARN Column Rename (Regex) 0:190 Pattern did not match any column name, leaving input unchanged
how can I add condition when I have These Columns Change them?



If column names are changing, this workflow should help. However, order of columns
and their number must be fixed.

Martin K.

Rename_Columns.knwf (10.0 KB)

I cant fix the column order every Xls file has his own column unordered .

What if I want to rename my columns, regardless of their incoming name.
How can I parametrize this?

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