Rename files using a string or variable value

I have a process the loads files from a folder that have system generated file names that are meaningless. I would like to rename the "processed" files when they are saved at the end of the KNIME workflow with a variable value that i create so that each file saved has a meaningful name.


Does anyone have any idea how this can be done?




For most writer nodes (e.g. CSV Writer) the output location (i.e. path and filename) can be controlled via flow variables. In the case of the CSV Writer just click on the "v=?" symbol next to the browse-button in the 'Settings'-tab (or alternatively, 'Flow Variables'-tab -> 'filename') in order to set the flow variable to use. If you just want to rename existing files from within a KNIME workflow, the "Copy/Move Files"-node of the KNIME File Handling Nodes-Extension would possibly help.