Rename node and file selector widgets are (partially) broken on mac

Hi Knime,

here's what you need to do to reproduce the problem

1) Connect a "rename node" to an arbitrary ouput

2) Oopen the config dialog

3) Double click at one of the colum names (ie. the column which you would like to rename)

4) Knime will enable the checkbox, and give you a prompt in the textfield

5) After you've typed in your new name, simply click OK

6) the config dialog disapears. Now reopen it.

ERROR: the new name is gone.

Workaround: To preserve it, the focus needs to be removed from the textfield (which my collegauges, and me forget in 99% of all attempts to rename an attribute). This can be achieved by simply pressing TAB once after the new names has been typed in.

The same problem applies to the DialogComponentFileChooser: Selecting a file works well, but simply typing the path without changing the focus doesn't change the node configuration. The fileselector problem also occurs with WindowsXP/Vista.

Feel welcome to ask, if I wasn't clear enough with my description.

Best, Holger

Hi Holger,

thanks for reporting this issue and for your detailed description. I could reproduce it and opened a bug. You are right: There seems to be a problem with the focus listener.