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I opened a post quite some time ago. I could not respond to it, as I got busy with other stuff.
Now it is closed and I cannot reopen it or answer. Therefore this additional post.
renaming + changing location of shared components - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum

Thanks Kathrin for the solution. It does not solve everything sufficiently, but it showed me the way how it may can be done.

The names of the actual folders need to be renamed to be consistent, but those are only for navigation not for the name that is shown up in the FLOW itself. only the xml file right in the folder of the respective Node/Component folder has an entry of the name that gets shown in the FLOW itself.

With that, the renaming flow would
a) need to know which component should be renamed
b) then find all instances of that component
c) change ‘name’ entry in the respective xml files
d) change the colder name of the respective component instance
e) go respectively one folder level up and change within the xml files there the name of the respective component.


Answering ju_godf:

I cannot share the flow I was originally referring to, but I can share a similar flow.
It reads the xml files within a FLOW location. filters on a specific filter. and changes those xml files.

This flow was indented to upgrade THEOBALD nodes in our environment.

TB_Upgrade_WF.knwf (348.8 KB)

Hi @d00m,
I guess your post here is a complementry reply to the old post not as an issue, right?

@armingrudd : yes, see the link above

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