Renaming of data to report node causes change of settings in the report designer


After I changed the name of a data to Report node, some Settings concerning the corresponding table changed in the Report designer. Specifically, the data type of a number-column changed from “integer” back to “string”, which it was originally before I changed it to integer. Why is this, and can we prevent this?

Btw: The fact that the data type was “string” originally is a mistake anyway, since in the workflow it is just a number-column of type “long” (but only containing integers).

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Why are your changes ‘reverted’: No matter what changes you did to the input table (be it just renaming it or adding/transforming columns), BIRT notices that changes were made and wants to synchronize the dataset in BIRT with the underlying data from the workflow. As the ground truth is expected to be in the workflow, it overrides the changes (datatype conversions) you applied within BIRT.

Why does BIRT convert long into string anyway: There are 10 datatypes available in BIRT, but none of them is a long. As it does not know how to handle this unknown datatype it passes it as string.

How to solve this issue: Don’t edit the types of the input columns, but compute a new column which does the conversion. This should do the trick and be valid even after resyncing the data.

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
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