Renaming of lot of columns

Hi! I have table with ~300 columns like this:
Column1 Column2 Column3 … Column300
I have table with ~300 rows like this:
Old name New name
Column1 NewColumn1
Column2 NewColumn2
Column3 NewColumn3

Column300 NewColumn300
I need to rename all columns of the first table in accordance with the rule specified in the second table.
Sure I can do it manually but it is too long way. In addition, this is not the only table I need to rename. Is there a faster way to do this?
Thank you in advance!

Sure there is!

Extract column names (Extract Column Header node) and then transpose (Transpose node) them so you have them in one column. Then use String Replace (Dictionary) node. For multiple tables you need loop. But only after you succeed with one table :wink:

Play around with it and get back with some errors :smiley:

Good luck,

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See description:


Forgot about that one :joy: Tnx @izaychik63

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Sorry for long feedback. Thanks @izaychik63 for Node I need. It’s perfect decision. Thanks @ipazin for interesting version of decision. I’ll try it later just for experiment and self-study.

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