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I want to render an ImgPlus to PNG. The only available Renderer ist a Thumbnail Renderer. In the Preferences the Image Render is deacativated. How do I get an PNG with the real size (lager than the thumbnail)?

thanks in advanced

I also tried the ImgPlus to PNG Images. The result is a collection. When I use the Split Collection Column node I get three gray images with the Information for red green and blue. I need a PNG-Color-Image for further processing in a report. (As additional Information: process the ImgPlus on the Red, Green und Blue Layer, then I use the Merger Node to combine them into I RGB-Color Image. This works fine.)

Thanks for help

I found the way by my self. For people with the same issue here is my solution:
I have 2 PNG images with the same dimensions in one row.

  1. Convert the PNG iamges with the “PNG Image to ImgPlus” Node to ImgPlus
  2. Use the Splitter Node for both images to get the RGB channels as seperated column
  3. I combined the two red channel images into one combined red channel image with the “Image Calculator” Node. I did the same with the green and blue images.

With the 3 (RGB) channels als seperated ImgPlus column:
4) Merge the 3 channels with “Merger” Node and result dimension set to “X,Y,3”
5) Use the ImgPlus to PNG Images Node; The result is a collection
6) Splitt the Collection with the “Split Collection Column” Node Now you will get 1 colored PNG file.
7) Use the “Table to Image” Node to Convert the PNG in the Table to an image.
Now you have a PNG File which could be use in a BIRT Report

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HI @Matthias_W -

Glad you found a way, and thanks for posting your solution to benefit others :slight_smile:

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