Renderer options for Renderer to Image


I was curious what controls the dropdown options for the renderer to image node.


For example, I see that some people have the RDKit as an option. However, my node does not have that option, but I have Indigo and Marvin as options (no Marvin license, fyi).

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @chemgirl36

You need to install RDKit to have its renderer added to the list of molecule types recognized by the -Renderer to Image- node.

If you grab one of the RDKit nodes from the KNIME hub, the following one for instance :

and you place it on your workflow, KNIME will suggest to install RDKit. Once the plugin is installed, you will see the RDKit option among the Renderer options of the -Renderer to Image- node.

Hope it helps.



This is partially why I asked the question. I do have RDKit nodes installed. Maybe I should have led with that :slight_smile: I appreciate your response nonetheless.

Just a double check. If you open the table of other nodes that have molecules in your workflow, can you see the “RDKit 2D Depiction” option like in the snapshot below?

I do not see RDKit 2D depiction as an option. I wonder if I do not have all of the RDKit nodes because I do not see anything regarding 2D for RDKit in my repository.

Double checking again:

If you click on “Help” → “About KNIME Analytics Platform” → “Installation Details”, in the “Installed Software” tab list, do you see an entry called “RDKit node feature”, as follows:

Yes - mine looks exactly like yours :slight_smile:

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In this case, I believe the RDKit renderer should be available in the -Renderer to Image- node.

Did you add a -RDKit from Molecule- node before the -Renderer to Image- node, as follows:

Otherwise, you may not get the “RDKit renderer” option among the renderers even if RDKit is installed.

Maybe this is why. Hope it helps.



YES! That’s it! :slight_smile: Thank you! :slight_smile: I knew it had to be “operator error” LOL


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