Rendering long strings as wrapped text in the centre of a cell - feature request.


When rendering long strings without line breaks I’d like to be able to have the text wrapped rather than truncated so that I can expand a row height and see all the text. We’ve implemented a work around by adding <html> </html> tags around the string. However, with this workaround the text is rendered at the bottom of the cell rather than the top.Is there already a way to render the strings as I’d like, if not could I make a feature request?




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Hi there @JimmyMc91 ,

ot sure what is troubling you so is there a possibility you send workflow example to better understand it?


Hi -

I believe you’re asking for the equivalent functionality of Excel / Google Sheets / etc which is to have a String cell renderer that wraps text based on the existing width of the cell in the output table view?

Rendering long text.knwf (12.9 KB)

Hi Ivan, I hope this helps. If you run the WF and open the table view the string will be on a single line. If you render as “String” and reduce the width of the column and increase the height the string will now be wrapped, but positioned at the lower half of the cell.



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Hi quaeler, yes that is the aim, but to have the string be in the centre of the cell.

I’ve made an RFE ticket for this (internal users: AP-13022)


Hi James,

tnx for example workflow. Got it know :slight_smile:


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