Reorder XPath list?

In the editing of a long set of XPath lines in the XPath node, I deleted the 2nd one and re-added at the end. The result works fine, but…

  1. This is annoying to my OCD
  2. This is a permanent reminder of a bad {delete} button press that I wish I had back
  3. This makes the node less intuitive for future editors and support
  4. This causes the output columns to be mis-ordered and adds requirement for an extra column sorter

Is there a way to reorder the list of XPath entries within an XPath node?

well it’s not really “elegant” but maybe you could unzip the workflow and edit the xml of the workflow itself and change the order there.
(have not done that so far just and idea)

I dug into it and can follow the xml from workflow.knime to the settings.xml for my XPath node to the list of xml blocks for each of the XPath entries. It looks like I could move the block for that XPath up into the right place in the order, but they are numerically ordered xpath0 to xpathN (and the identifying digit is used in the key for all 12 lines). That makes me wonder if it would honor inserting xpathN between xpath0 and xpath1, or if I’d have to renumber them sequentially? (And what would I break.)

I have not been under the covers like this yet - don’t know whether it’s common or forbidden. I may save off a copy and see what happens with the settings.xml surgery.

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