Replace RowID by a flow variable


I’m trying to use the RowID node to change the “Row Id” by passing to it a Flow variable, I mean:

Current “Row id” value = “Row0”
Flow variable value = “R0”

New “Row id” value = “R0”

How can I do it?

Thank you!



Look at

It may solve you task.
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Yes, I’m actually using it. What I don’t know to do is how to pass a flow variable to it to create a “New RowID Column”. So in

Instead of “New RowID column: ? <none>” I want “New RowID column: [[flow variable value here]]”

Then use Append RowID first, modify column values and use new column in Replace … dialog.

OK but how to append first with the value of my flow variable? So the problem here is how to replace or append with a flow variable that is coming from a “Java Edit Variable” node.

To clarify, here the workflow: RowID_by_flowvar.knwf (4.1 KB)

I want to put de “R0” string coming from the “Java Edit Variable” to replace the “Row0”.

you could use a constant value column and set that as RowID. Of course if there would be more than one Row you might consider what that would do to the IDs.

RowID_by_flowvar.knwf (15.7 KB)


How does it work? Constant Value Column does not see Row ID column.
As I mentioned before, you can add column RN by RowID node to your table,
then by Rule Engine replace RN value using TRUE => variable
The variable will pass through variable port to Rule Engine.
Variable could be created by String Manipulation (Variable) node,
say using join(“R”, v_Row_N) or simply join(“R0”).
v_Row_N could be used as input variable for String Manipulation (variable) node.
Finally from Rule Engine use RowID replace Row ID with RN column value.

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Thank you! It works!

thank you, nice solution! :slight_smile:

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