Replace specific row values of a column with NULL values

Hi, I have a table with 2 columns: age and gender.

I would like to replace all the values equal to zero or less than zero (for example all the wrong negative values) for the column age with NULL values.
Is there a way or a workaround for perform this sort of operation?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gujodm -

You can use the Rule Engine node to do this. If you define a rule like this:

$age$ > 0 => $age$

and use the Replace Column option for age, any age value less than or equal to zero will be replaced with NULLs, and the other values will be kept as-is.

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@ScottF - is there a loop-type node for rule engine which can run this rule through multiple (100’s of columns)?

If you have a static missing value pattern, you could use the Column Auto Type Cast node to set values to missing across columns without any looping at all.

If you needed to apply a rule as above, I think you could use the Column List Loop Start node to apply it columnwise.

Does that help?


@ScottF - please could you provide some guidance as to how to code the Rule Engine using variables?



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Sometimes Rule Engine, Variables and Null values can be tricky. I have added an example where you could define your own replacement rules. Age gets replaced by NULL and gender by “NA”.

Please note:

  • there is no generic NULL in the Rule engine but ipazin came up with an clever solution (Create or replace column with NULL values) - create a column with just missing and use that
  • you would always need a TRUE rule that covers everything else. If you do not have one you will create missing values
  • you could deal with missing values later with the missing value node


The rules are defined in Excel and are then applied in a loop in KNIME


kn_example_replace_missings.knwf (47.1 KB)



This is a great example - thanks so much! Variable looping is super useful and having the rules documented in a separate sheet brings a lot of transparency!

One thing I noticed was the age rule didn’t seem to replace the age <=0 with the _dummy_null column, I am not entirely sure why? The gender rule worked well. Thanks.

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it is a problem with the loop, the results are not stored properly. I changed the loop, although I am not completely satisfied with the result it shows what could be done.

kn_example_replace_missings.knwf (118.4 KB)

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