replace state with the value of state depending on previous

Hello, I’m a real beginner and searching in forum, i don’t find any solution. I’ve got a problem of changing of state depending on the first one. I don’t have the first state so i have to deduce it. here is what I would lige after sorting my rows :

Thank you in advance for you help

Hi @DuncanIdaho and welcome to the KNIME forum,

First you need to convert those dashes ("-") to missing. To do that you can use the String Manipulation node with this expression:

regexReplace($ETAT_STATUS$, "^-$", null)

Then using the Missing Value node and selecting “Previous Value” option for the column, you will get the output you are looking for.



ExempleDI.xlsx (4.0 KB)
thank you for your answer, here is the “little” sample I’ve got… i will have a lot of PTGN next month

Hello @DuncanIdaho

Please find here attached a workflow with an alternative solution to generate missing values :

20200415_PIKAIROS_Replace_Cell_With_Valid_Previous_Value.knwf (30.6 KB)

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So… Both are working and these two solutions makes me stronger … Thank’s a lot to you aworker and armingrudd !! for your fast answer and for the quality of explainations. Have a nice day and good luck during this special situation !


Hi @DuncanIdaho

Thanks for your kind reply and good luck too ! Keep safe !

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