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Hello everyone,

I have the following situation;
I receive a daily Excel file with the same name but each day I have different contents…in Outlook I have a VBA that detects and saves this file in a folder, that is, it overlaps the file daily.
How would I do this process in Kmine, where the comparison to know the difference between the files I already managed to do with a joined, but I would need to do a step before where I would have a “base” file and the other with the difference…no next day the last file becomes the “base” and the one of the current day becomes the reference… successively every day. Thanks

Are the column names the same? If so, then you would just read in the excel file and compare it with the combined file that you have locally via a join. Then after the join you would save the new combined file via overwrite so that it was ready to read back in for the next day.

I typically just use the default KNIME table format for the combined local file type unless a project dictates writing to a database or certain file type for ease of integration with a client’s systems.

_Are the column names the same? → Yes.

_Then after the join you would save the new combined file via overwrite so that it was ready to read back in for the next day. → What node i use to run this ?

One more question, i use AutoExe function in Access to automatically run the querys when i open it…how to do it in Knime ?

What node you would use to overwrite would depend on the desired file format / db.

These are the nodes for connecting and performing Database queries.

Would you want to write back to Access as well and use that as you combined file storage?

Sorry I expressed myself badly…when I mentioned Access it was just an example for the AutoExe function.
What I would like to do in Knime is open it up and run the nodes automatically.
And the sequence would be;
→ Excel of the current day compares a certain column with the Excel of the previous day… remembering that I only have an Excel file as a source.

In that case, start with Excel Reader nodes to bring in the combined & new file. Then either a joiner node, or concatenate, or column appender depending on the input format and requirements to match up the structure. Then an Excel writer to overwrite the new combined file.

You can always upload a workflow here with some dummy data if you need help with the workflow steps as you go.

You would do the automation either via KNIME Server or Windows Task Scheduler

OK, I managed to move forward in the flow, Thanks.

Yes, i use Windows Task Scheduler to open other programs, but in knime what do i need to configure to run all nodes every day ?

Run KNIME in batch mode / execute from the command line.

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