replace the value in a column with another

Hey there
i have a problem in my workflow and i need to fix it

Problem : I am working with a Excel file , with a column that has a cell with 2 rows in it like below:

i need to find a option that i can bring this 2 rows in just one

Even tho i tryed with pivoting , or transpose , the output of this cell is not showing me just 1 row

So i need a node that can replace this string or search for a specific word in a cell , and then replace the entire content of the cell
Please help

Hi @cornel_sarbu , Can you give us a wider view of what your Excel sheet looks like, what you are seeing in KNIME and what you actually want the result to look like. I suspect you have other columns in your table and it is difficult to know what solution would fit your wider needs. Is this a merged cell in Excel?

Ideally if you can upload a small demo workflow containing a sample Excel document that exhibits the problem with some dummy data, it would make this easier for people to assist. thanks.

edit: For additional context, I tried creating some Excel data with a cell that spanned two rows by merging cells, and also some Excel data with a cell that contained line breaks in it.

When I used the Excel Reader to read this into KNIME, it gave me the following table, which doesn’t seem to have any problems, so more information about your scenario is needed

(ps. asking chatGPT to generate some sample data with “interesting facts” can be both entertaining and educational at the same time! :wink: )


thanks for your reply ,
i solved the issue
also played around with chatgpt a little and yes as scary at it seems , it was helpful

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