Replacement - Flow Variable IF Switch - deprecated


since the " Flow Variable IF Switch" is deprecated, is there a (more) elegant way than using a combination of “If Switch” node and “Table Row To Variable” node to create a kind of variable based switch?

All the variable related Switches (Vernalis) seem to be deprecated from version 4.6.1 on. Did I maybe miss the updated version of these “Variable Switch” nodes - I cannot find any similar named ones or others that have the same functionality? If no will there be a replacement? I actually quiet liked these nodes.



Hi @anjo,

I think the direct equivalent of the Flow Variable IF switch is to use the CASE switch. You can now “add” the required ports to the “vanilla” CASE switch, so to make it a Variable CASE switch (which works similarly to the old Variable IF switch, just add an input “Flow Variable” port. Then do the same for a CASE switch end, but in that one you add an output Flow Variable port.


Ports can be added by right clicking and using the context menu, or simply by click the “3 dots”


Whilst it increases the number of clicks, this gives the flexibility for a much wider variety and number of ports in a single node.

Ports are now numbered, starting at 0 for top, instead of referring to them as “top” or “bottom”. The only thing is though that I don’t think there is a way of selecting “both” ports to be active, which if I recall was an option on the old IF switch. There may be another alternative but I haven’t seen it.


Hi @takbb,

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for the explanation. Great to have these functionalities now bundled in one node.



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