Replacing a cell with particular value with the value above the cell

I have data and in a particular row, I have some text. I want that text to be replaced by the value above that cell. Any help would be very much appreciated. @ipazin @armingrudd
The data I have
The manipulation I want

Any help would be appreciated very much.

If it is just precisely this problem I would suggest you join the Row2 to Row5 and then use maybe a rule engine.

But it could be that this is a proxy for a more systematic problem. So maybe you could provide an example representing your full challenge.


Hi @mlauber71, Thank you for your reply.
The date and string can be in any row(see the first picture) but the date will always be in one of the above cells in that column. This is my full challenge. I want to replace a particular cell in a row with the value of the cell above it. I hope I make sense


It is not clear how you identify the required information in the table.

  • How do you identify the row with the (calender ?) date?
    is this a fixed row and always row2?
    Can the row number vary?
  • What about the cells without information in your example?
    Are they empty or may they contain also data?
    How to treat them?
  • What about the “string” and “string1”? Are they used to identify something?
  • How many columns do you have to calculate?
    Always column 3 to 5?
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You could use missing value node to “fill up” your first 2 columns and then filter row 2

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