replacing and filtering string containing arabic text

in my column PYR there are some strings in Arabic text, some of which needs replacement with English text and some needs to be filtered out completely.

in the attached file are the details for the strings with replacement values.

I tired the rule based filter node, filter node, string manipulation node, string replacer and dictionary one. None seems to work with the Arabic text.

My workspace is in UTF8, my workflow is reading and parsing the information as UTF8.

my file.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Hello @pyroo56323,

can you show us how the table you want to manipulate looks like? The solution depends on the structure of your input table. It would be best to share it as a file, just like your replacement table. If your data is sensitive, that’s ok, dummy data will do :slight_smile:

This took a bit longer than expected, I wanted to use the String Replace (Dictionary) Node at first. Anyway, here’s the workflow:

Step1: Split reference table in 2 parts: one for filtering, one for string replacing
Step2: Filter the input table using a Reference Row Filter (exclude rows)
Step3: Replace Strings using a Cell Replacer (use input if no match found)

Note: One of the replacement cells couldn’t be read by the Excel Reader
replacing and filtering text
replacing and filtering text.knwf (31.7 KB)


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