Replacing cell values

Hi all,
is there a way to the content of a cell to blank based on a condition without affecting other cells in the column?

I have cells that have “?” and/or “nu” in them and where ever these 2 characters occurs I want them to be replaced with an empty cell.

Is there a way to do that?

Hi @Shadi

One way to solve this is via a contains() function. For example:

if (contains(column("column1"),"?") == true || contains(column("column1"),"nu") == true) {
} else {

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Thanks a lot. Now it works

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Hi @Shadi

Allright! Some additional alternatives: Cell Replace can also do it with .*nu.*|.*[?].*

String Manipulation can also work with toNull(regexReplace($column1$,".*nu.*|.*[?].*",""))


Thanks. I am new to Knime and still exploring the program. It turns out that I had to manually install the “Column expression” :).

Thanks for the alternative way. I am sure I might need them some time

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