Replacing Tagged content

I'm a relatively new user, looking to use Knime to strip out personally identifiable information from a file.  So far, I've had pretty good success with using RegEx find/replace to eliminate e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

But I'm having some difficulty finding and replacing people's names.  The NLP engine has a way to tag Named Entities (People).  But at that point, I only see the ability to filter based on these tags, nothing that might let you easily find and replace the tagged content.  

Any help?

Hi Ted,

you can filter based on these tags using the Tag Filter node. Simply specify the tag type and value to be filtered. Be aware that tagged terms will be set unmodifiable be default. This will cause the filter nodes (and all other preprocessing nodes) to ignore these terms. You can specify in the dialog of the filter nodes to ignore this flag and thus also filter tagged terms.

Cheers, Kilian