Replacing Zeros with Avg from other rows

In the table below, I need to replace the zero by the average visibility of all DRA59 items listed.

How can I accomplish this using Knime? what node(s) could I use?
Do I need a javascript?


You could use this concept of moving average but use it to calculate the avg value without the missing or zeros. And then replace them with the avg value using a Rule Engine


Hi there!

Additionally what you can do is to replace all 0s with missing values using Rule Engine node with only following rule:
$visibility$ > 0 => $visibility$ and option replace column checked.

Then there is Missing Value node that you can use inside of a Loop which will replace missing values with desired function (mean in your case). Check this topic:


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Thank you all for your ideas and replies. Greatly appreciate it.

I will test, Ivan’s workflow seems to be the simplest and easiest to implement.

I greatly appreciate ideas for my other thread:


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