Report and fresh data from database


I’m using a MariaDB database to create PDF reports.
When I add data to the database and create the BIRT PDF report the new data is not in the report. I always have to reset the workflow to get the new data.

Is there any option, that the data is read all time on report creation?

Have you tried the newly introduced Reporting functionality in KNIME? It might serve you better here:

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No - but I will. But my report is dynamic with a lot of dependencies inside the tables.

My question is still open - a fresh query against my database is possible with every report creation?

@hevilp you can reset your workflow and then new data will be fetched once you execute the node for databases.

You can reset your workflow when it is opened with this node:

You can use some sort of automation/scripting like with the KNIME Business hub to automatically reload at certain intervals.


…nowadays called the NodePit Power Nodes.

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